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FlexiLearn offers talent leaders flexibility in skills development and reporting to enable them connect learning and business performance. Therefore, it should not be viewed as a technology purchase; rather it should be viewed as a strategic business purchase that can reduce operating costs, generate revenue and have a true business impact.


Shibuka is a not-for-profit local NGO in Rwanda, registered through Rwanda Governance Board, focused on the sustainable development of young entrepreneurs in Rwanda and then beyond in line with Rwanda’s Made-in-Rwanda, proof-of-nation policy.

It has an inter-disciplinary global team of networkers, developers, influencers, researchers, investors, academicians and policy makers, collaborating to find innovative ways develop more sustainable young entrepreneurs so they can develop more sustainable future in today’s less-certain world.

Shibuka VLE

DSG developed a custom VLE to enable Shibuka to reach out to young enterpreneurs across Rwanda.


Darrell Koffkin

Programme Director